Why URLs in Emails Fail to Function

Why URLs in Emails Fail to Function

If the URL is working on the website but when the User clicks on the URL in a test email, there is an error depicting "This site can't be reached", there is a good chance of a problem existing with CNAME records.

Typically this occurs when testing the email at the office using the Corporate network. An efficient test is to click the URL on the mobile device not on using the Corporate network. Another suggestion is to use GeoPeeker,  https://geopeeker.com/ to test the URL.

The issue arises as the CNAME records are typically set on the public DNS server and not on the internal DNS server. If these CNAME records are not propagated to the internal DNS server when clicking a URL at the office, the internal routing will not exist. The URLs will work for the general public but not for anyone who is testing the email within the office network.

The Company should have an internal DNS manager to verify if the URLs are working as designed, the User will also need to add the URL and www2 CNAME records to it. Please connect with Enquire MAP Support team for help in setting up the appropriate URL and www2 CNAME records on the internal infrastructure.


Integrating Enquire MAP with the Company website/email server

DNS Entries

In order to maximize the capabilities of Enquire MAP, Enquire recommends the User set up trust relationships between the domains and our platform. To do proper tracking and improve deliverability of our emails using Enquire MAP, the following DNS records should be added. 

Find the page where the User can create records for the domain. 

  • Sign in to the DNS hosting provider's website
  • Select the domain
  • Find the page where the User can edit DNS records for the domain. This may be something like DNS Management, Name Server Management, or Advanced Settings 

The User will need to add the following CNAME records. To add a CNAME record: 

  • Create a new CNAME record. 
  • Copy the values given below and put into the empty record
  • Save the record. 

Record type: CNAME

Host: www2

Points to: submit.activedemand.com 

Record type: CNAME

Host: link

Points to: submit.activedemand.com

If using Enquire MAP for email marketing, navigate to /portal/cname_records path in the platform either by pasting the path directly into the address bar or by clicking on the wrench icon inside Enquire MAP  and clicking on the START NOW now button blobid0.jpg

The Custom CNAME records will show for the email deliverability.


Please reach out to the dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance.

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