What is the Purpose of the Unlink Button in a Workflow Email Action in Enquire MAP?

What is the Purpose of the Unlink Button in a Workflow Email Action in Enquire MAP?

By default, autoresponders are created with an email that is linked to a global system template. A linked email is not editable as the email is referencing a template. Conceptually, linking to a template refers to all changes to an email that appears in various places should be managed in single place (i.e. Email Library). Global templates are not editable yet a User can create their own versions of the global templates by unlinking a linked email. Unlinking a template allows the User to edit the email. Typically the User wants all of the autoresponders to link to the same template. If the User changes the template, it changes all of the autoresponders.

To create the User's own autoresponder template:

  1. In an autoresponder, unlink the autoresponder email from the global template. 
  2. Edit the autoresponder.
  3. Click Save to library button located at the top of the edited email then save it as Email Prospect Autoresponder.
  4. Exit the editor back into the workflow view.
  5. Next, delete the Email Prospect action item.
  6. Drag a new Email Prospect action item from the actions toolbar.
  7. Click Action then click New Email button on the slider.
  8. Choose the recently saved Email Prospect Autoresponder template from the account templates.
  9. Select link.

Every autoresponder starts as a linked email to the global template. Per every form/landing page the User creates, they will have to go in and delete the default one. Following, they need to drag a new Email Prospect action then select the new template then link to that selected template. Once there are multiple landing pages/ forms, linking them ensures that all changes are conducted in single place (i.e., the Email Library).


Please reach out to the dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance.


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