How to Edit a Form Autoresponder in Enquire MAP

How to Edit a Form Autoresponder

Every form in Enquire MAP has an associated autoresponder workflow that gets triggered when the form is submitted. Whether it is via an external webform, an API call, or via a landing page, the workflow will run. The workflow is accessible from various locations in Enquire MAP.

  1. Directly from the form editor: When editing the form, there is an autoresponders tab in the UI.                       
  2. Navigating to Automation > Autoresponders in Enquire MAP, find the reference form via the URL if on a landing page or by the form name if it is an exported/web API form. mceclip1.png 
  3. Within a campaign if there is a landing page, an Autoresponder tab will become visible. Find the workflow via the URL of the landing page
Once the workflow is found, if there is an Email Prospect action item, click the action widget on the canvas. If there is NOT an Email Prospect widget on the canvas, drag one from the  Actions accordion onto the canvas. Click the Action once it is on the canvas. The edit slider will appear from the right. If there is a linked template, press the unlink button. If there is a new email button, click the button to create an email. If there is an email, press edit.         

Note: All communications within an autoresponder are external. To communicate internally about the form notification, you will need to set up the sales lead notification workflow.


Please reach out to the dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance.

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