How to Pre-Populate Forms with Contact Data in Enquire MAP

How to Pre-Populate Forms with Contact Data in Enquire MAP

Whether embedding an Enquire MAP form into a web page or using forms within Enquire MAP landing pages, a best practice tip is to create a better user experience – pre-populate select form fields with the user data. 

Instead of the user being presented with a blank form, the form can be pre-populated with data such as first and last name, possibly an email address automatically to simplify things, expedite the process, and minimize the frustration in completing the form. 

Example of Blank Form versus Pre-populated Form

A form that is not pre-populated A form that is pre-populated

Providing the following fields can be pre-populated with User Data:    

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Email Address
  4. Phone Number

Ho to Pre-populate - Simple!

  1. In Enquire MAP, locate the form needing fields pre-populated. This could be a web form on a form on a landing page.         
  2. Navigate to Assets > Web Forms > Choose a form > Edit blobid0.jpg  
  3. Add the default values to the respective fields
  • Field: First name
  • Field: Last name
  • Field: Email
  • Field: Phone Number
    Value: %CONTACT.PHONE.PHONE_NUMBER%blobid1.jpg

Please Note: Save the fields and then save the form.

Please Also Note: In the event of editing a web form and not a landing page form, it is suggested to re-export the web form to the web page that hosts the form. 


In the Event the web Form Fails to Pre-populate

In order to pre-populate a form, the user will have to be a contact within your Enquire MAP account and have a web cookie enabled. If these conditions don’t exist, the form will not pre-populate. When user data is not available, the form will remain blank. 

Note: Enquire MAP has no way to pre-populate static HTML forms that are embedded on a website. The only forms that  our platform will pre-populate are those that are embedded on a WordPress website using the shortcodes, using the > div export, or if the form is on an Enquire MAP landing page.


Please reach out to the dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance.



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