How to Set Up Custom Fields in Enquire MAP

How to Set Up Custom Fields in Enquire MAP

Enquire MAP starts with a basic set of organizational and contact fields. To keep things simple, the platform has a small set of attributes for both organizations and contacts. Adding a custom set of custom fields to an organization or contact is easy.

Each custom field created will provide:

  • A custom field that shows up on every contact (if the field is a contact custom field) or organization (if the field is an organization custom field)
  • A webform element for inputting the custom data
  • A dynamic field for displaying an organization or contact's data in an email or Landing Page 
  • A query element for use in the query engine

The format of the dynamic field for custom fields:



Please NoteMost custom fields can be referenced directly by their custom fields name as Enquire MAP will automatically create dynamic fields for all custom fields.


If there is a custom field called 'Deal Stage' and looking for the value:



Building a Custom Field

  1. Navigate To Administration > Account Settings > Account Setup to build a custom field.                                  blobid0.jpg
  2. Look for the Custom Field Types editor under the Account Setup tab.

  3. Click the Add Custom Field Type button.                                                                                                             blobid1.jpg

  4. Navigate to to Assets > Web FormsForm Editor: Properties to modify custom fields:


The form will display:


Querying Custom Fields

Using the query engine to find custom fields, referencing the field name and the field value.


Please reach out to the dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance.


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