Workflow Editor Basics

Workflow Editor Basics

  1. Navigate to Automation then Lead Processing
  2. Select New Workflow to see new window with options open
  3. Type in Name of Workflow
  4. Advance through steps then select Continue




Basics of Enquire MAP: Editing Existing Workflows



Basics of Enquire MAP: Editing Workflow Components 

Starting Steps

The starting step object is a trigger event that instantiates a workflow. The starting step always has a star in the header of the object:


There can only be one starting step in a workflow. The starting step cannot be deleted. Each starting step is a decision object (see below) and it has only one wire that leaves the object. The wire is green indicating the trigger occurred.


Starting steps cannot have incoming wires.





Decisions are objects that have one incoming wire and two outgoing wires. The decision object queries the contact currently being processed. If the query is true, 


The path along the green wire leaving the decision object is followed. If the query is false


The path along the red wire leaving the decision object is followed. Clicking on the wire will give the  User the option to delete the wire or change the path state true/false


Clicking the wire will allow the User to edit the decision path:



Actions are objects that take a specific action at the time the step is reached. An action object can only have one incoming wire and one outgoing wire. The outgoing wire for actions is Green. 



 Editor Basics

  1. Editing
  2. Zooming
  3. Multi Select
  4. Multi-Clone


Please reach out to the dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance.


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