Integrating Google Ads Conversions with Enquire MAP

Integrating Google Ads Conversions with Enquire MAP

Google Ads is a crucial driver of business for many agencies and businesses alike. This article describes how to synchronize conversion data between Google Ads (formerly AdWords) with Enquire MAP.

Sending tracking data from Google Ads to Enquire MAP

If you want tracking data from what campaign, ad group, and keyword drove a user to your website, Google Analytics will automatically integrate with Google Ads, but other platforms require you to use ValueTrack. ValueTrack are parameters added to your landing page URL that tell platforms like Enquire MAP more information about the ads that drove each visitor. It's really interesting seeing the keywords and campaigns that drive each individual user, so we highly recommend setting up ValueTrack.

Getting Conversions from Enquire MAP back to Google Ads

Getting conversion data from Enquire MAP back into Google Ads is required if you’re using CPA based bidding or conversion optimizer and it also helps assign wins to the campaign, ad group, or keyword that drove the conversion. There are several ways of making this connection:

  • Offline conversion to Google Ads
  • Post pre-configured event to Analytics, import conversion to Google Ads
  • Post custom event to Analytics, import conversion to Google Ads
  • Post transactions to Analytics, import to Google Ads

Administration > Account settings > Integrations tab > Google Integration



Offline Conversions to Google Ads

This is the most basic way of tracking conversions to Google Ads. One advantage to this method is that it doesn’t require access to the Google Analytics profile. It also offers other native Google Ads conversion benefits like view through conversions and cross-device conversions. We do not recommend using this method unless you’re forced to since it doesn't connect to the website session on Google Analytics.

Pre-configured Event Posting to Google Analytics

This method posts form submits, phone calls, and appointment bookings as events to Google Analytics. You then configure the ones you want as goals in Google Analytics and import those as conversions to Google Ads. This method offers a healthy amount of control over conversions to import.

Custom Event Posting to Google Analytics

Now we’re cooking with gas: using custom events grants further control over when Enquire MAP tells Google Analytics that a conversion has happened. Unlike the pre-configured events, you now have much more complete control over when and what to fire events for. Our favourite use here is to throw an event when a lead passes the filters and a lead is sent to sales, or when a lead is claimed by sales. Now you’re getting “sent leads” or “claimed lead” as conversions in Analytics and Google Ads, which for some companies, is a much higher signal of a quality lead than a regular conversion. You can also enter an event value, allowing for varied values in Analytics and better ROAS calculations. 

Post Transactions to Google Analytics

For users who are selling online, Google Analytics Transactions offer much more sale detail. If you’re selling products, check out this article.


Please reach out to the dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance.

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