Setting Up 2-Factor Authentication in Enquire MAP

Setting Up 2-Factor Authentication in Enquire MAP

Enquire MAP, by default, uses single-factor authentication which:

  • Never displays passwords in plain text
  • All logins are over https
  • The system enforces password complexity rules

For many users, this style authentication works extremely well. To increase security, we recommend enabling 2-factor authentication which is enabled on the account level. Navigate to Administration > Account Settings > Account Setup.


Please Note: If this is enabled, it is enabled for all logins for the Agency account.  When a user attempts to log in for the first time on a new browser (or after two- factor authentication is enabled) Enquire MAP will block the login with a request for a code will be sent to the users's email address:

Please Note: If the code is not correctly after three attempts are made, the account will be blocked. 

Two scenarios that force a two-factor login 

  1. Logging in using a new browser (or cookies have been cleared)
  2. Not entering an authentication code for 6 months.

Please reach out to the dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance.



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