Campaign Types in Enquire MAP

Campaign Types in Enquire MAP

Enquire MAP is a tool that is used to apply pressure to a population of people with the intent to move the population towards a buying decision. The mechanism for tracking and executing these initiatives is known as an Enquire MAP Campaign. The Campaign is a focused effort using one or more channels and has Goals.

Campaign Goals 

This is the desired outcome for the given initiative. Every Enquire MAP Campaign has a goal-setting section that allows you to track one or more desired outcomes for the given campaign. Common goals are 'filled out this form', or 'purchased', etc.  

Note: A contact history item created on a contact triggers the check to see if that contact 'signal' pushed the prospect across the goal line (and completes a goal). The only way a field change will complete a goal is if the field change is done manually (as that creates a 'user changed' history item on the contact. Thus if a field is changed via any other means, the only way this contact will be checked to see if it completed a goal is when a history item is created for that contact.


 Campaign Types

 Enquire MAP has 4 campaign types.

  • Newsletter Campaign
  • Drip Campaign
  • Event Campaign
  • Generic Campaign

Newsletter Campaign

A newsletter campaign is the classic email blast. This has a date/time for sending the newsletter. A newsletter is sent to a group of people that are brought into the campaign via contact lists.

  1. Name Newsletter Campaign
  2. Select Data Range to send data blobid1.jpg



Drip Campaign

The drip campaign is also known as a 'nurture campaign' or a 'trigger campaign'. Each person who goes through a drip campaign is processed from the time they enter the campaign via the trigger event and remain in the campaign until no further steps remain to prospect the prospect. 

Generic Campaign

This campaign is essentially a Newsletter campaign without a send date. You can schedule social posts in a generic campaign, and send a newsletter. The big difference between a generic campaign and a newsletter campaign is the campaign's defined send date/time (which a newsletter campaign has, a generic campaign does not). Generic campaigns are typically used to post and track social posts.

Event Campaign

The event campaign is a cross between a newsletter campaign and a drip campaign. The Event Campaign has multiple steps, each step has a full workflow.


Please reach out to the dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance.

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