Enquire MAP Account Settings Overview

Enquire MAP Account Settings Overview

Enquire MAP team will initially set up the Agency account and sub-agency accounts when connecting with the dedicated Enquire Account Manager. When starting out as MAP client, appropriate login credentials will allow the User to log into Enquire MAP.blobid1.jpg

Navigate to the main page by clicking on Administration >Account Settings to see that there are several elements that can be set up or modified per choice.

Account Settings


  1. Business Name which is the name of the business. This is referenced directly in the email footer.
  2. Login Link Domain which is the link for logging into the portal.
  3. Auto Hashtag Phrases which are the set of phrases used in Twitter posts that will, if detected, will be replaced with a hashtag.
  4. Contact Information which will depict the Web URL and all means to reach the organization.blobid2.jpgWebsite URL which is the authorized URL for the account. This URL is referenced in many places throughout the account.
    Default Marketing Reply Email
    by which most templates reference this email address as a default. email address.
    Billing Email Address 
    which is the email where all invoices and billing notices are sent.
  5. Support Accessblobid3.jpg

Please note: See Enquire MAP Support team and/or the Admin team to assist with adding to /deleting contacts in the account.

Account Setup Tab


  1. Default Number which is the number that is referenced in many places throughout the product. Similar to the Default Marketing Reply Email. 
  2. Primary Sales Contact is the contact that will typically be referenced in Sales Lists.
  3. Primary Marketing Contact is the person that will typically be referenced in Marketing Lists
  4. Technical Contact which is the person who receives all form submit errors.
  5. Lead Notification Brand (agency only) which allows an agency to determine the branding used in the lead notifications and system emails.
  6. Keep Contact Data For per General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), this determines the maximum date range for keeping contact data in Enquire MAP.
  7. Root Page which is utilized if using a micro site, an individual web page or a small cluster of pages which are meant to function as a discrete entity within an existing website or to complement an offline activity. The microsite's main landing page can have its own domain name or subdomain.
  8. Page Domain which is set up by Enquire MAP team to provide the CNAME records and preset subdomain for the landing pages (www2.thedomain.com). This is where all landing pages will appear.
  9. Link Replace Domain refers to when sending emails, all links or URLs will be replaced with trackable links. Enquire MAP will set up the CNAME records, so please set up a link subdomain (link.thedomain.com).
  10. Short URL Domain Enquire MAP team has a link-shortening functionality. By default, it uses the 1jp.cc domain. See Enquire MAP Support for customization.
  11. Spam Configuration URL refers to someone being blacklisted when a person completes a web form, they will be sent to this confirmation page prescribed in this field.
  12. Blocked Confirmation URL refers to a block on an Organization who checked the block checkbox on an organization whenever someone (IE: an employee of the organization), they will be redirected to this page when they fill out a web form.
  13. Privacy Policy URL which is set up by the Enquire MAP team with default https://enquiresolutions.com/privacy-policy/ but can utilize the Company privacy URL.

Please reach out to the dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance.

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