Setting Up Sales Lead Notifications in Enquire MAP

Setting Up Sales Lead Notifications

It is great to have clients fill out Company web forms, call the company, etc. How does the User report back to the sales team about this wonderful work that being accomplished as their Community Marketer?

The answer is Sales Notifications!

When a form is filled out, there are several things that occur. The contact in the Enquire MAP database is created/ updated with the form information. Now two workflows are executed:

  1. Auto Responder Workflow (the workflow controls the message sent to the prospect)
  2. Lead Notification Workflow (the workflow that notifies the sales team about the form fill)

Auto Responder Workflow

Every form in Enquire MAP has an Auto Responder workflow which is configured either directly in the Form Builder or by means of the Auto Responder Workflow. (Navigate to Automation Auto Responder.)


For those with Small Business Marketer, Email Marketer products

When a form is filled out, emails are sent to every contact who has a valid email address and is listed as an employee of the account, and is on the Sales Distribution contact list.


It is important to note, this is an Internal List where only people who are employees of the account are in the list and will receive notifications when a conversion occurs.

Steps to add someone to the Sales Distribution List

  1.  Navigate to Administration>Account Settings>Employees
  2. If not already in the account, add the contact as an employee of the account
  3. Selectblobid5.jpg to edit the employee contact 
  4. Click on the Contact Details tab
  5. Scroll down to Contact Lists
  6. Click Add To List
  7. Select Sales Distribution



Sales Lead Notification Workflow (For those with Corporate Marketer or who are Agency Partners

There can be multiple lead workflows for processing different types of lead notifications. By default, there is a separate Phone Notifications workflow (phone call notifications) and different type for all other  conversions such as Sales Lead Notifications. Depending on the User account type, these workflows may or may not be editable. By default, all conversions trigger an email to be sent via the Sales Lead Notifications workflow. (Navigate to Automation>Lead Processing)

Note: The Sales Notifications workflow is only editable by the Corporate Marketer package or if there is  an Agency Partner. Control is still maintained regarding who gets leads using the Sales Distribution contact list but the Distribution Workflow is read-only for all package types below Corporate Marketer

Note: If the Sales Distribution List is empty, every time someone fills out a form, the technical contact will get an email stating that an error has occurred (Contact Enquire Support in the event of error 855.808.4655)
Please reach out to the dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance.
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