Keyword Alert notifications

Keyword Alert notifications allow a member of your team to stay updated when notes from a digital lead integration contain text that matches with specified keywords. These keywords can be what ever fits your business' needs, like specific illnesses and medical conditions or topics of interest to discuss with the individual. Additonally, keywords are location specific so they can be customized based on a location's offerings.

Note: Keyword Alert notifications will only display on an individual's profile for the user currently assigned to the location where the individual is tagged. If you would like to set or update the assigned user of a location, review our Assign a user to a location article.


  1. Click Admin on the left menu.
  2. Click Community on the left admin menu.
  3. In the name column, click the name of the location where you would like to add Keyword Alerts.
  4. In the upper right of the location's details page, click the Setup Alerts button.
  5. In the Keywords text area, enter a list of comma separated keywords you would like to be alerted about. Enter these values without spaces between the commas and keywords, for example: COPD,traumatic,Respiratory,cardiac,defibrillator. Keywords are not case sensitive and can be multiple words, like cardiac arrest.
  6. Select an alert level from the Alert Level drop down. This will set the alert's visual appearance and can help your team determine severity.
    • Information - Blue notification
    • Warning - Yellow notification
    • Danger - Red notification
  7. Once you are finished adding keywords and choosing an alert level, click Save.


When individuals come in from any of your digital lead integrations (i.e. A Place For Mom,, Allscripts), notes sent with the individual will be scanned to locate the keywords you specified for the location. If a matching keyword is found within the notes for the individual, a notification will be displayed at the top of the profile stating which keywords were found.


Note: The Keyword Alert notification will also be added as a note to the profile's Notes section.

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