Configuring Google Services with Enquire MAP

Google Services Integration

Enquire MAP integrates easily with Google Analytics and other Google Services to deliver rich insight into online campaigns and conversions.

Follow the steps below to get connected!

Connect your Google Analytics Account

  1. Log into your Google Analytics account here: If you do not have a Google Analytics account you can create one.
  2. Once logged in, click Admin at the top of any Analytics page.
  3. Use the menu at the top of the columns to select the account you want.
  4. You should see 3 columns of attributes: Account, Property, View
  5. Under Property, click on Tracking Info-Tracking Code
  6. Copy the Tracking ID (UA-XXXXXX...)
  7. In Enquire MAP, select your account settings (
  8. Scroll down to Account Setup
  9. Click on integrations
  10. In the Edit Box, GA Account ID, paste your Google Analytics Tracking ID
  11. Save Account

Authorize Google Analytics

  1. In your Enquire MAP Account Settings, scroll to Third Party Applications
  2. Click the Add Application Button
  3. Select "Google" from the drop down list
  4. Enter your Google email address in the email address field. The email address must have full access to the Google Analytics account you are trying to authenticate.
  5. Click the icon under the "Authenticated" heading.


  6. Select the google account that corresponds to the Google Email address you typed in step 4.

Google Ads (AdWords) Integration

Google Ads reporting is a service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about your ongoing Google paid advertising.

  1. Authenticate your Google account as per the previous section of this article
  2. Log into you your Google Ads account
  3. Your Customer ID will be at the top corner of any Ads page, near your email address. Do not use your MCC ID, this must be the Customer Ads Account ID.


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