Call Tracking: Accessing and Listening to Call Recordings

If you utilize call tracking with Enquire MAP and have your numbers set to record, you can listen to recent call recordings using the methods outlined in this article.

Phone Call Report

The dedicated phone call report can be used to view calls that occurred on your call tracking lines between a specified period of time. This report includes the caller's information as well as links to listen to call recordings.

Accessing the Report

  1. Click on Analytics from the left hand main menu
  2. From the sub-menu, select Reports
  3. The Phone Call Report will be located at the top of the Reports page


Accessing Call Recordings

Once on the report, all calls that occurred during the specified time period of the report will show in table in the bottom section. You can use the search box to filter to a specific call tracking number.

If the call tracking number has call recording enabled, scrolling to the right of each line item will display a microphone icon blobid2.png. Clicking the blobid2.pngicon will allow you to listen to the call recording.


Contact Profile

Call recordings can also be accessed by going directly to a contact's profile. Once on the contact's MAP profile, all call recordings will be located in the Contact's timeline section.

Accessing Call Recordings

  1. From the Contact's profile, scroll down to the Timeline section. This section contains all tracked events for the contact (including phone calls).
  2. Once you have located the phone call within the Timeline section, you will see a playable file within the event.
  3. You can use the filter icon blobid6.png to filter the types of events that display in the timeline (e.g. phone calls).


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