MatrixCare Marketing

All integrations require an Enquire team member to complete setup. If you'd like to add this integration, please work with your Matrix Care Marketing Account Manager to get the FacilityOID number and email

Enquire's integration with MatrixCare Marketing is a one way integration that allows your team to send individuals to MatrixCare Marketing.


All integrations require an Enquire team member to complete setup of the Plugins.  Please reach out to your Enquire Account Manager or Support Team at for further assistance.


Sending an individual to MatrixCare Marketing

An individual can be sent to MatrixCare Marketing with the following fields and their values:

Fields we send to MatrixCare:

  First Name*   Last Name*   Phone**   Email**
  Address Line 1**   Address Line 2**   City**   State**
  Postal Code**   Market Source*   Relationship   Notes***

*Required to send an individual to MatrixCare Marketing.
**A single form of contact must be present on at least one individual, whether it be home phone, mobile phone, work phone, email, or a full mailing address.
***MatrixCare Marketing only allows a maximum of up to 2500 characters across all notes for an individual, starting with the most recent note.

Note: Only one phone number is sent to MatrixCare Marketing. Enquire selects a phone depending on which phone number is populated: If populated, home phone is sent. If home phone is not populated and mobile phone is populated, mobile phone is sent. Finally, if home and mobile are not populated, work phone is sent.

  1. Navigate to the individual you would like to send to MatrixCare Marketing.
  2. In the upper right, click the blue MatrixCare Marketing button.

If the individual was successfully sent to MatrixCare Marketing, you will see a success message similar to the following:


Note: Upon a successful send to MatrixCare Marketing, the "  MatrixCare Marketing" button will be removed from the profile to help prevent sending duplicates to MatrixCare Marketing.

If the individual is missing any required information, you will see a notification similar to the following:

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