SEEK Insurance Verification Integration

Enquire's integration with SEEK allows you to verify an individual's insurance coverage using their primary insurance provider, secondary insurance provider, Medicare, and Medicaid.


All integrations require an Enquire team member to complete setup of the Plugins.  Please reach out to your Enquire Account Manager or Support Team at for further assistance.

Insurance and Medicare fields

Insurance eligibility checks use the individual's insurance information that must be populated to specific fields. An admin will need to add the following Field Library fields to a form:

  Primary Insurance Policy Number   Primary Insurance Provider
  Secondary Insurance Policy Number   Secondary Insurance Provider
  Medicare Number

These fields can be added to an existing form or a new form can be created for them.


Note: Read our Customizing the From Builder article if you need help adding these fields to an existing or new form.

Medicaid verification

If you would like to check for Medicaid coverage, select the CA MEDICAID option for the Primary or Secondary Insurance Provider field and enter the individual's Medicaid number into the Policy Number field that corresponds with the primary/secondary provider field.


Check eligibility

  1. Navigate to the profile where you'd like to check insurance eligibility.
  2. Ensure the individual has valid birthdate and private insurance information or Medicare number populated to the necessary fields.
  3. In the upper right of the profile, click the blue Check Eligibility button.
  4. You will be presented with the insurance eligibility modal displaying the individual's insurance information (insurance and Medicare fields will be displayed depending on whether or not a value was provided when the button was clicked). If needed, you may make changes to the primary and secondary policy numbers and Medicare number on this modal before checking eligibility, but note that your changes will persist to the respective field after the eligibility check has been completed. You may also remove the medicare number and primary/secondary insurance numbers if you would like check only specific insurance providers, removing these numbers on the modal does not remove them from the individual's profile.
  5. Click Verify.
  6. Once insurance verification has been completed, the modal will update to display coverage.

    The verification symbols indicate the following:

      The individual is covered by one or more insurance providers or Medicare.
      The individual isn't covered by the specified insurance provider or Medicare.
      The individual isn't covered by any insurance provider or Medicare.

Insurance verification notes

Once the verification has been completed, refresh the page and navigate to the individual's Notes section to view the detail coverage response from SEEK. There will be a separate note created for each provider (Medicare, Primary and Secondary Insurance Provider) that was checked.


Errors or failed coverage checks will also be added as a note:



I'm getting an error that says 1099 :Procedure canceled. What should I do?
This error means that a configuration step was missed. Please reach out to your account manager for further assistance.
I'm getting an error that says REQUEST/VENDOR/NPI COMBINATION INVALID. What should I do?
This error means that a configuration step was missed. Please reach out to your account manager for further assistance.
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