Enquire Communication Module

If your company has the Communication Module enabled, your users are able to click-to-call, text and email.


To add this to your organization's tools, please contact support@enquiresolutions.com


How It Works

Enquire will procure you a call tracking number based on the local area code of your location. This number will show up on call ID for calling and texting. You will choose where you would like the number forwarded to if someone calls back.


Setting Up Your Phone Number in User Settings 

The number you choose to call from will be entered into your user settings. This can be updated as needed. This is the number that the CRM will call and will initiate the outbound call once you pick-up.


  1. Go to Settings in the top left corner under your name and choose "settings" from the dropdown menu.
  2. Enter the number for the device you woud like to call from (home, mobile or office)
  3. Click Save



Making a Phone Call

If an individual in the CRM has a phone number, an icon will appear next to that number that you can click to call. 




Once you click the call a widget will pop up in the lower right corner of the CRM and your choosen device will ring. 

Answer your device and the call will dial out to the individual's number on the profile.




When the call is ended either from your device or on your screen, the completion screen will appear for you to choose the result and enter notes.


Once saved, this will auto-log your activity along with the date and time. If there is no next step on this individual it will prompt you to create one.


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