Testing Protocol for Enquire MAP Web Forms

When testing form submissions for Enquire MAP web forms, it is important to be methodical in your testing protocol.

There are three key components to successful testing:

  • Use a new incognito/private window for each test.
  • Use new data for each test - name, email, phone, etc.
  • Check the MAP and CRM to ensure the test contact data doesn't already exist.

Use a new incognito/private window for each test.
The Enquire MAP tracking script works extremely well. In fact, it works too well for testing purposes. It is recommended to always use a new incognito window for each test to not mix up web sessions. This means opening the incognito window, submitting the test, closing the window, opening a new incognito window for the next test. This prevents activity for one test contact from being attributed to a previous web contact. Otherwise, it will not always track as a separate entry to replicate what would happen in a real-world, non-testing environment where only one email address is used.

Use new data for each test - name, email, phone, etc.
It is a good practice to use clean info for each submission - name, email, phone, etc. The most important piece is to use a unique, non-employee* email address for best results. One choice is to use https://www.mailinator.com because it’s free and easy to set up on the fly, e.g., enquiretesta@mailinator.com, enquiretestb@mailinator.com, etc.

Another trick is to extend the use of a Gmail account by adding extra characters to the end of your username by inserting a plus sign, β€œ+” after your name. Google does not recognize these characters but Gmail search filters do. The characters after the plus sign can be either letters or numbers. So email+test1@gmail.com or email+test2@gmail.com will end up in the same Inbox as email@gmail.com. This functionality also applies to email addresses on Outlook.com.

Unique phone numbers are also important. It is best to simply disregard phone number form fills, if possible. If the field is required, be sure it is a unique number, otherwise the new submission could get mixed in with an existing record with the same number.

Check the MAP and CRM to ensure the test contact data doesn't already exist.
Finally, to ensure data is unique, it is also recommended to search both MAP and CRM for the email addresses, etc. that will be used for testing do not already exist in the database. If they do exist, be sure to start fresh with new, unique data. For example, if enquire+test1@gmail.com already exists, start with enquire+test2@gmail.com. If you'll be submitting multiple test to multiple forms, you may want to track the form data you're using in a spreadsheet.

*Employees in Enquire MAP are located under Administration->Account Settings->Employees. This can include marketing agency partners or other agents with an email domain that is different than the company or location email domain.


Please reach out to your dedicated Enquire Account Manager or Enquire MAP Support team for further assistance.

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